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There is nothing more captivating than a wedding. It’s a Celebration of Love between two people who have found each other in this crazy world and this crazy life we lead.


It’s the heart warming story of a new beginning. It’s the excitement of a life partner that you can share all your hopes and dreams with, create life memories, start a family, and  be with someone who loves you unconditionally, no strings attached.... For Life.  


How did this happen? I'm fasinated! I LOVE the LOVE stories! 


This is how the scenario goes:

You can email or call me to set up a day that you would like to meet. We can chat over coffee and get to know each other, and you can decide if I am the awesome celebrant for your special day.


This is an initial, obligation-free meeting. We can the legal requirements for your marriage and also the process of writing your ceremony.


If you decide ‘I’m the one’…. well not really, but you know what I mean…we can book your wedding date by paying a booking fee and then it's full steam ahead.

It is legally required to fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage ( NOIM ) at least one month before your ceremony date. By doing this I will need to sight your relevant ID,  such as an original birth certificate, photo ID or a passport. 


After this meeting I will give you access to my questionnaire. Fill this out with all the golden love you can give me and I will get cracking on your ceremony script. 

I'm available anytime to discuss anything via email, phone, FaceTime or Skype.

Life can get pretty crazy when you are planning a wedding so don't be shy, bounce your ideas off me : ) 

We will need to finalise your script two weeks before your wedding date. This takes the pressure off you and me to know that the script is all good and ready to go.


A ceremony rehearsal can calm the nerves. It will eliminate the fear of the unknown for you and your wedding party, giving everyone confidence and reassurance of where you stand and what you say on the big day. This is always optional of course. 

From me, on the day you will receive...

  • A professionally printed commemorative marriage certificate. Calligraphy optional at a small cost.

  • Completion of all legal paperwork and lodgement with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

  • Solemnisation of your marriage according to the Marriage Act and the Attorney General.

  • I will provide a professional quality PA system so the whole world can hear you declare your love in quality sound.

  • I will dress accordingly to ensure that I complement you, your style and your wedding party.

  • My professional approach will put you at ease. You will have nothing to worry about.

Contact me today for an obligation-free quote. Looking forward to Celebrating the Love with you.

Based in Robertson, NSW

Servicing the

Southern Highlands,

Bowral, Robertson

& the South Coast

T: 0419 404 924


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