Found your perfect match? Congratulations! There is nothing more captivating than a stunning country wedding in New South Wales

Let's celebrate the love. For life.

Your wedding is a wonderful celebration of love between two people who have found each other in our crazy world. I’m fascinated by your story. How did it happen?


I LOVE the LOVE stories!

Your story is remarkable and when I hear it, I’m lit up like a warm fire on a cold night. Your story is where I start when I am creating your wedding ceremony because it is always all about you two. It’s your beautiful day and you deserve “all the feels.”  Your wedding ceremony is the most significant part of your wedding day. Without the ceremony, there would be no marriage, so, getting your story right is really important to me, and I feel very honoured to marry you.

Life can get pretty crazy when you are planning a wedding so please feel free to bounce your ideas off me. I’m a local and know the wedding suppliers and I might be able to help. Even if you are feeling anxious or confused about another part of your planning and need a gentle ear to listen and guide, give me a call.


How does it work?

I'm a country girl, happy to go with the flow, so if you have other ideas, let me know.

  • You can email or call me and set up a day you’d like to meet. We can chat over coffee and get to know each other, and you can decide if I am the awesome celebrant for your special day.

  • This is an initial, obligation-free meeting. We can discuss the legal requirements for your marriage and also the process of writing your ceremony.

  • If you decide, I am the one. (well not really, but you know what I mean) you can book your wedding date by paying a booking fee and then it is full steam ahead.

  • You both complete and sign a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) at least one month before your ceremony date. We usually do this together because I will take care of all the paperwork. I will need to sight your relevant ID, such as an original birth certificate, photo ID or a passport. A NOIM is a legal requirement, so we do it early days.

  • I will take care of all the legal paperwork from the start to the finish. Did you know the certificate you get on your wedding day is a commemorative one and not the real deal? Yep. After your wedding, I lodge the official certificates and paperwork with Births, Deaths and Marriages for registration. Usually, it’s up to you to apply for your official marriage certificate. Guess what. I’ll do it all for you. It will arrive in via registered post.

  • If I am your girl, I will give you access to my questionnaire. Fill this out with all the golden love you can give me, and I will get cracking on your ceremony script. 

  • I am available anytime to discuss anything via email, phone, FaceTime or Skype.

  • We will finalise your script two weeks before your wedding date. It takes the pressure off, and you can enjoy your pre-wedding celebrations.

  • A ceremony rehearsal can calm the nerves. Giving everyone confidence and reassurance of where you stand and what you say on the big day. Not sure if you need a rehearsal, no worries. I can explain why I recommend it, and you can decide.

On your big day, I will give you:

  • A heartwarming ceremony about you (with the words to make your marriage a legal one)

  • A professionally printed, commemorative marriage certificate.

  • A professional quality PA system so the whole world can hear you declare your love in quality sound.

  • 110% of me, ready for anything, dressed to complement your style. Relax and enjoy your unforgettable occasion.

You are in great hands.


Lynda was an amazing celebrant. We were at first very stressed and worried because we'd only given ourselves one month to plan our wedding, but Lynda just appeared and was super helpful, supportive all the way through the lead up of the wedding. On the day, she made us feel so comfortable by her presence and how organised she was, and she delivered a heartfelt ceremony for us which we, along with our families, are very grateful for. Thank you, Lynda, for creating a special memory for us.  


Reafen and Jay 

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Southern Highlands,

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