A destination wedding couple in Vietnam. Leanne Summers Wedding Celebrant

Are you having your dream wedding overseas?  

A ‘legals only’ ceremony removes any confusion about whether your overseas ceremony is legal in Australia

Legals Only Ceremony

A ‘legals only’ ceremony is a short wedding for lucky couples heading overseas for a destination wedding, and want to be sure they are legally married. In many countries, the overseas ceremony is unlikely to be legally recognized in Australia. Countries like Bali, for example, where the validity of the marriage can be questionable. Have your dreamy wedding safe in the knowledge you are already hitched.


No one needs to know. Your overseas wedding is still your “real” wedding, the one you celebrate as your anniversary in your old age. Hey, if you really like a party, you can celebrate both dates.


The Australian government has strict requirements for recognizing overseas marriages, so why not take care of the legalities here and save yourself the worry? Besides, you’ll be married under Australian law and will have clarity in the future. 


A very brief ceremony conducted before two witnesses over the age of 18 years, you two and myself. The ceremony usually takes less than 10 minutes. We can do this in my office or at a location suitable to you both and your witnesses.


Once you decide I am the ‘legals only’ celebrant for you, we need to meet no later than one calendar month before your ceremony date. 


During this meeting, we will complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) showing me your relevant ID and supporting documentation. Completing the NOIM is essential for a legal wedding in Australia, and I will let you know the documents to bring. 

On the day of the ceremony, you will receive a professionally printed commemorative marriage certificate. After we are finished you can zip to the local pub for a glass of bubbles and I will complete all the legal paperwork and lodge it with the relevant authorities on your behalf. While you are away on your wedding holiday of a lifetime, I will also take care of getting your official certificate of marriage once it is registered with the authorities. I’ll send it to you via registered post as soon as I receive it. 

Easy done

 Now you are legally married by me, jump on that plane and fly to your magical destination wedding.