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You have a beautiful love story and it needs to be told. Let me bring it to life in a wedding ceremony designed and written, just for you. Fun and stress-free, and I’ll take care of all the paperwork too. 

This is me, the jeans and t-shirts type. Who doesn't love a comfy pair of jeans? A country girl at heart, I enjoy wide-open spaces, gatherings with friends around the fire, taco and tequila nights and a good old belly laugh causing your sides to ache

For many years, I was a florist in the wedding industry. Always a sucker for a good story, I would listen to the beautiful love stories at weddings and dream I would write them myself one day. And I became a celebrant. I haven’t retired my florist snippers yet, they come in handy. I still bring them to every wedding, just in case we need last-minute floral adjustments. I’ve seen all kinds of things happen at weddings and I’m ready for anything. Your happiness gives me genuine pleasure. I love the smiles, the hugs and the happy tears


I work all over the Southern Highlands, Bowral, Robertson and the beautiful South Coast.

Your ceremony, your story,

so let's cheers to that.

A wedding is a celebration of love: your love. A gathering of family and friends to stand with you as you embark on the next stage in your lives. Many couples aren’t sure what is involved in a wedding ceremony. Sadly, some see it as an unavoidable interruption in the festivities. 


The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. Without a ceremony, there is no marriage. And I'll give you everything I have so you are confident and relaxed in the lead up to your wedding and then officiate your ceremony, with the ceremony I’ve written about you, and for you.


Because after all, your wedding is all about you. Every wedding ceremony I create is as unique as you are.   

I like to think my country hospitality will give you a true sense of community. When you get married in the country, you’ll feel like you have a village behind you and good people surrounding you. I'm here to help guide you through your ceremony, a moment in time, you and your partner will remember fondly for many years to come.

When I’m not marrying gorgeous people like you, I keep life simple, living in Robertson with my family.

Cows at our back door, chooks in the yard with the motorbikes and mountain bikes. Sometimes I unleash my competitive spirit playing ping pong in the shed. 

Celebrations contribute to a sense of community and belonging and are the core of our cultural being. It brings us together with love in our hearts. You have decided to get married and now I am here to help you with the next step of tying the knot.

So, let's get cracking and celebrate the love, and make your ceremony one of the happiest moments of your life.



Thank you so much for making our fairytale day complete! From the moment I read your favourite things to ryan... Tequila Tacos and Ping pong (all same as us!) we had no doubts about choosing you, and we were so right! You made our day so seamless and organised ( considering my dad and the groomsmen did my bridesmaids' rehearsal walk for them because they were all late! ) On the day you got everyone, where they needed to be with ease and guests, would have never known the girls had no idea what they were doing 10 minutes prior! 

You made the ceremony fun and filled with so much laughter and love, we got compliments from everyone about how great it was and how much fun it looked like we had up there. It was a dream start to finish.

Kady and Ryan 


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