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Engaged Couple

How do you elope in NSW?

Here’s everything you delirious romantics need to know.  I’m already excited for you. 

Elopement Ceremony

Eloping is such a romantic way to tie the knot. You and your soul mate, running away to get married in secret. Imagine taking off to one of your favourite places in the country and eloping. Perhaps a vineyard, or a clifftop on a beautiful coast. Maybe on a beach with the sand between your toes and wind in your hair and champagne in hand.  


It feels so wild and free. Bliss. 


Want to include a couple of friends or family? Easy. It is your elopement. Besides, someone needs to keep the bubbles flowing.  


How to elope in New South Wales


To elope, we need you and your partner, two witnesses over 18, me and your completed paperwork. I will take care of all the legal paperwork and lodge it with the relevant authorities, on your behalf. 


First, we meet, and we don’t tell anyone. Secret squirrel time. We get to know each other, chat about the finer details of your elopement and also talk about the location. 


Once you have decided to book me​ we will fill out the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with your ID and other relevant documents. We need to complete the NOIM one calendar month before you elope to be legit.


Together we can write an elopement ceremony reflecting the love you hold for each other, leaving room for your love notes which are called your vows. 


I'll provide you with a commemorative marriage certificate (and send the official certificate after your marriage is registered.) I will take care of it all. You don’t need to worry.


While you’re basking in your post-elopement bliss, I will take care of getting your official marriage certificate from the authorities. 

If you have a style or feel for your elopement, I’ll dress to blend in. Barefoot ceremonies are the best. If shoes are optional, I’ll be first to kick them off.


If you are thinking of an intimate and romantic elopement, free of the usual wedding planning caper, I can help you run away to the great outdoors and get married. It will be stunning, I promise


Follow your hearts and your dreams

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